Thank you for taking the time to read our story! My name is Cheryl and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share my journey with you. My Positive Water was born long before I was even aware of it.
In 1994 I met Dr. Gilbert Manso and he introduced me to the holistic lifestyle.  
Later, in 2008 another blessing in my path introduced me to Jose Silva. I completed a certification to become versed in his Mind Method practice. She also introduced me to Edgar Casey. I began attending the Cayce facility in Houston, where I learned of Dr. Emoto.
What I thought was just an idea to put positive words on a glass water bottle has blossomed into a beautiful way to change the world. After sharing my vision with my beautiful daughter, she quickly sketched what is our logo today. She created continents out of the 9 most powerful words to me, the Fruits of the Spirit and I added gratitude and health. My Positive Water was born.
I immediately started searching for the “perfect water bottle”, I think the perfect man would have been easier to find. As my dear friend Jenny would say “I kissed a lot of frogs, before I found my prince.” After two years and countless water bottles “my prince” arrived.
In order to be closer to my daughter and creative confidant, my husband and I relocated to San Diego where she and her husband are stationed with the US Navy. Shortly after relocating, my husband was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer. He was a fighter until the bitter end when the cancer took his life in January of 2015.
He was and is a huge part of my dreams and goals. It took me almost 7 months before I could “get back on the saddle” as he would say, and pursue My Positive Water without his loving support. I know he looked down with pride the day our first official bottle arrived.
Thanks to all of the wonderful and supportive people in my life I am now on a journey to making a truly positive difference in the world. My heart is grateful to everyone that is dedicated to doing the same.
Here are some of the life changing resources that I would like to share with you.
Gilbert Manso: 7100 Regency Square Blvd, Houston, TX 77036
(713) 840-9355 
Jose Silva: 1.800.545.6463
Edgar Cayce: Houston A.R.E. Center 7800 Amelia Road  Houston,TX  77055 
Jovi Printing Katy Texas I consider Jorge my "business daddy". Thank you Jorge! 
Raymond Grace 
​I AM by Tom Shadyac 

My Positive Water donates to Star of Hope to help Houston’s homeless men, women and children.  Please visit their website at 

Star of hope has had a special place in my heart for years. As a drug counselor and a recovering addict myself I see how fast addiction can destroy our lives.  I understand the hopelessness that can paralyze us. When Reno's medical bills built up and I stopped working to be his full time caregiver, it left us financially dependent on our families. We were fortunate to have their support financially, emotionally and spiritually. We could have easily been homeless. 


My Positive Water bottle the best glass water bottle ever!

Positive Words Positive Results 

    It's not just a water bottle,it's a Lifestyle!

 Change your bottle,change the world!

     It's a GLOBAL explosion! 

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