A fundraiser with a purpose

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purposeful fundraiser


We all drink water to stay alive and healthy.

With My Positive Water bottles you will...

  • Stay hydrated in a positive way

  • Help the planet

  • Save tons of money

  • Drink positively different water


YOUr choices make a difference

My Positive Water donates a portion of our proceeds to Star of Hope to help Houston’s homeless men, women and children.  Please visit their website at www.sohmission.org

bpa free water bottle
Change Your Bottle Change Your World
MY POSITIVE WATER bottles send Positive energy to the planet all day long.
BPA free Customize your bottles
Beautiful, inspirational
easy to carry BPA free plastic water bottles, perfect for on the go!
More than a water bottle
Experience Positivity with MPW water bottles
Purposeful - Fundraiser
Everyone drinks water, why not drink out of a beautiful, inspirational, reusable water bottle!
We will reap what we sow
When you use My Positive Water bottles you are taking POSITIVE action to help our planet!
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    It's not just a water bottle,it's a Lifestyle!

 Change your bottle,change the world!

     It's a GLOBAL explosion! 

® My Positive Water Contact us at resultsatmpw@gmail.com