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How to create Positive water

Positively Infused Foods

how to do the rice experiment

rice experiment

Rice Experiment

1. Cook rice

2. Cool rice

3. Place equal amounts in 2 glass jars, put lids on them

4. Tape positive words on one, or order one of our reusable stickers to use.

5. Tape negative words on the other

6. That's it send us your results and we will post them on our website.


Positive Words Positive Results
Our Logo is the only difference in this experiment.
Look at the WATER
The only difference is our Logo!
4  rice experiments
We use the rice as it absorbs the water so you can see the results. One is brown rice and the other white rice.
Strawberries purchase on 3.1.18
Fresh strawberries purchased from the 99 Cent Only store on March 1st, 2018. Photographed on March 10th.
Reusable food stickers
Positively different water, even in your food!
See the water colors
Positive words produce positive results!
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