Our words have power. When I first learned of Dr. Emoto's work with water... I didn't believe it!

Even today I continue to do experiments with our Logo to SHOW that it is real!

We are actively seeking schools who would like to preform experiments and send us the results. We are working on a book to educate people on how powerful our words are.

If you believe in sending positive energy to others for healing, or what some call "prayer" you are simply sending out thoughts with  a hope or expectation of a positive result. 

If you are familiar with "Holy" water, it is water that has been blessed with positive thoughts.

Believing that our words are powerful makes it easy to understand the power of our Logo.

If you are interested in being a part of our new book please contact us at resultsatmpw@gmail.com. 

    It's not just a water bottle,it's a Lifestyle!

 Change your bottle,change the world!

     It's a GLOBAL explosion! 

® My Positive Water Contact us at resultsatmpw@gmail.com